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Name: Laharl (canon) | Laharl "Harley" Shadie (ste only)
Canon and Medium: Disgaea.
Age: 1,313 - onward. (canon) | 13 (ste)
Pre-Incarnation Species: Half-Demon.
Pre-Incarnation Appearance: ( Concept artwork form his appearance in Disgaea 2 )
Any Differences: Harley was born with beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes, no antenna or blue hair. Those big red demon eyes are gone for now too. Teeth are rounded, nails are soft, just about anything monstrous has been humanized. ( beautiful people made this baby. )
Starting Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA.
Pre-Incarnated History:

Laharl was born as the price of the Netherworld, his mother a human witch while his father was one of the most powerful demons in the entire world-- the Overlord. He was raised with love and compassion, to the point that even other characters within canon mention that Laharl’s mother had raised him hoping he'd stay caring, loving, and generally a good boy. Little is known about Laharl’s early life or what conspired between his parents, but we can assume he and his mother wear close. Sometime between Laharl's birth and the events of the first game our main character fell deathly ill as a child. His illness would have ended his young life if not for his mother who provided a cure, however... this cure came at the price of her sacrifice and thus ended her life. The remedy couldn't have been provided if his mother didn't love him unconditionally and thus Laharl not only blames himself for her death but also disregards the need for love.

Most of the first game (and sequel, really) revolves around the Netherworld facing the chaotic circus its become over the death of King Krichevskoy, Laharl’s father. The events of the first game kick start with Laharl waking up from his two year nap only to find the castle and all his father’s previous vassals gone, not to mention his father’s death but this turns more joyous then unfortunate for now Laharl may take the throne and title of Overlord. However, many other demons also feel entitled to the right of Overlord thus setting the game’s main goal—charging through everything that stands in Laharl’s way. Trust me when I say this, this boy takes his story by the horns quite literally. Mainly, Laharl’s story is one about growing up. This sets the beginning of a series's staple— Laharl hasn’t really found the maturity needed to be the Overlord but it’s charming to watch him try.

Eventually he becomes the Overlord but no one respects him, obviously this is frustrating. This keeps his mind fixated on forcing people to follow but overtime the player does see that Laharl has what it takes to eventually be the Overlord. Saving ‘his vassal’s’ lives or protecting them, it’s all very tsundere. I have a reference page with many lines of dialogue listed, btw.

( wiki link! )

Reincarnated History:

When Harley was born he was the second son of the Shadie's growing family, brought home to a moderately sized house, a home that would belong to a used car-salesman, for that is what their family’s main income was before the faithful day his father struck it big after investing into the casino business when offered a risky deal. Now Harley is the youngest son of 'The King'-- owner of Brightlight Castle and Casino. The medieval English castle thing is a big hit on the Vegas strip making his two sons rather pampered. Around the age of seven, however, Laharl lost the most important person in his life... his mother. A divorce was filled between the two parents and though Mao and Laharl could have easily been in the custody of their mother... because of their father's money she opted out of taking her children back with her to New Jersey. Laharl grew more and more troubled and violent without his mother’s constant influence and can often be found blowing up her cellphone and telling her all about his day.

He and his brother, Mao ([personal profile] vicmegane), were at one point enrolled in public school. However, with Mao’s intelligence and Laharl’s refusal to attend school both boys needed a more personal experience and were enrolled in private school. His attendance only staying passable by the hook around his allowance… Laharl’s hobbies include video games, being a generally destructive little shit, counting his growing chest hairs (not happening), and finding new ways to escape his bedroom without encountering any sexy ladies. He’s thirteen going on fourteen now, attending middle school and growing more and more rebellious by the day. Little does he know his parents divorce wasn’t your most spiteful breakup and mostly about time never spent together… Every year, normally in the summer or during winter break the boys are shipped off to New Jersey and on rare occasions their mother is flown into Vegas so they may spend time with her. This is normally paid for by their father who is still trying to win his ex-wife back. The home life of Harley is rather complicated and confusing, mixed in with ignorance and stubborn hatred for little things that barley matter. His future includes echoing back being the demonic Overlord of Hell.

First Echo:

Harley will be echoing back that horrid Gynophobia-- the details include fearing women but only those with extremely sexy bodies (big boobs, curves, nice round asses, you know the drill.) Canonly nothing is directly stated on why he fears women with voluptuous bodies but many speculate it’s connected with his mother’s death. Actually physically pained by more ‘adult’ looking women seems to connect in my opinion— considering how impactful her passing is.

Laharl has lived in Vegas his entire life, he's been suffering with this awful echo for a terrible long time now. It was triggered around the time his parent’s divorce was finalized and he was forced to live with his father while losing his mother. Having been rather attached to her, the impact of losing her at such a young age weighed on him… Much like how Laharl feels that trauma around sexy women in canon so did Harley one day when mopping around the front lobby of their home’s hotel. One of the casinos many hired showgirls was making her way home when noticing the pouty child, trying to comfort him out of kindness, only triggering his echo and causing little seven year-old Laharl to scream "G-Get these sexy women outta my sight!!"

He’s been terrified of them ever since. anime shit.

Pre-Incarnation Personality:

Having been raised a prince, Laharl has always gotten what he's wanted. Very selfish and immature, this little Overlord to be was raised in the loving embrace of his parents. His mother was human while his father was one of the most powerful demons of the Netherworld-- The Overlord. Really, our blue-haired protagonist has no reason to be such an ungodly little brat but, alas. He embodies everything that he claims makes a demon, having a rather violent way of doing things and often can be found taking the story by the horns. He quite literally charges his way through whatever dispute needs settled after his father passes away and the title of Overlord is up for grabs. Of course, even though the title is his birthright, Laharl has no issues fighting and beating every single person that wishes to hold said title instead. Laharl often states that being the Overlord isn't about anything but proving that you're the strongest demon there is-- and in this case, it makes him innocent and ignorant about what it actually takes to be the Overlord.

Laharl’s motives mainly revolve around becoming and staying the Overlord of the Netherworld like his father was. From the moment the game starts he’s fixated on only the title and taking back what’s rightfully his, even stating that before his death he was ready to fight his father for the position at some point. His relationship with his dad isn’t one that, on the outside, would be considered good. However, on the inside, which shows off Laharl’s inner good side, he respected his father and even maybe cared about him. Anyone that shows disrespect towards the previous king around Laharl often will get harsh words. He also doesn’t mind being his father’s son but that might link in with his superiority complex. This character reminds me of a young teen rejecting their parents only because they are their parents— “you can’t tell me what to do!!” ect.

The prince’s mind often changes when it comes to his current motives and what the chapter's ‘mission’ consists of, often taking the ideas of others and claiming them as his own. Demons are rather selfish, which Laharl is extremely and he is very egocentric. Everything belongs to King Laharl-- which fits well with his obsession with being the Overlord. Perhaps it’s the conflicting nature of normal demons that cause such rebellion, already being half demon and having different thinking parents only makes Laharl strive to be more demon-like, or “normal”. His father and mother are both loving, caring, compassionate people that strived to see kindness bestowed upon those around them. Love is the important, recurring theme of Laharl’s story… the emotion and feeling Laharl claims he’s abandoned. During his early life he came down with a deathly illness that would have taken his life, Laharl’s mother saved him by giving her life in exchange for his-- this caused the little prince much pain, blaming himself and hiding his need to overcome her death with hatred for love.

"Laharl, my son. What do you think of me? Do you love me?
..... A typical answer for a demon. Which is fine, for now. But, one day..."

Many of his strengths come from his dominating personality, very stubborn and never leaving something without completing entirely. This isn’t without his passion fueling first, much like leaving Prinny Land’s issues untended; if Laharl doesn’t care or gets bored he puts more important things first (like napping, eating, ect.) Not exactly the perfect leader but Laharl can’t be considered an awful one. Laharl has been known to defend others from danger, save those who need him, spare people's lives when they wouldn’t have saved his own, and deals fair punishment to his enemies—if those aren’t the qualities of a leader then I’m not sure what is. However, it’s the way things happen and the things he says that keep Laharl from being respected like his father. Overtime, it’s fair to say that the demons of the Netherworld would learn to respect him and accept his title of Overlord but not without the prince himself proving that to them. In the meantime, while he’s proving that to them, within his little body holds immense amounts of power that can easily defend him from anyone who opposes the great King Laharl! An amazing fighter with phenomenal abilities, other demons within canon have even said that Laharl has enough power to destroy planets.

Every single one of Laharl’s physical weaknesses could be linked right back into the story's main theme—love. Even the mention of the word causes Laharl to collapse to his knees, fall over, shake and quiver in fear, and no… he’s not faking it. Positive thinking, compassion, and the mention of love literally cause Laharl physical and emotional pain. Many fans speculate this links in with his mother’s death, she was extremely loving and caring— his mother had wanted her son to be ‘a good boy’. Perhaps this is another way Laharl blocks his memories of her passing and his self blame by hating kindness. Another one of Laharl’s weaknesses which could also be linked would his fear of extremely sexy or voluptuous women. That’s right—he’s scared of boobies like most thirteen year old boys. My guess would be (aside from how anime this is) would be the connection that these women are ‘adults’ while his other flat party members are still ‘children’ or ‘girls’ because he doesn’t seem to be effected by their bodies and even points it out. Personality issues would include just how annoying Laharl is to deal with, he’s so incredibly entitled and power hungry. Like previously mentioned, this causes demons within his world to show disrespect towards him which in turn causes Laharl to throw tantrum level explosions. His upbringing was privileged which gives him ignorance towards situations, an example of this is how Laharl was easily poisoned for he’ll take whatever food he’s given without worry. Having pride is a good thing but this is also another factor in why the prince gets himself into so much trouble—it’s extremely hard for him to just walk away from something that makes him mad.

Laharl’s an asshole why does anyone like him?

Any differences?: “Harley”--unlike Laharl, was raised with both of his parents and during the modern day. Not to mention human society, not demonic… The difference should include cultural ones, mostly. If anything he’s tamer within save the earth because you kind of have to be. Within canon he’s an only child but in StE he’ll have Mao, which gives him an older brother (over a little sister which NIS drastically wants to give him constantly.) He’ll claim disinterest in his big brother but secretly admire him, wanting to almost be like him and play with all his cool stuff. Harley will also be more attached to his mother’s hip, while Laharl’s mother died—serious mommy’s boy time…


Strategy RPGs have many outcomes and powers for each and every character—the main character included. Laharl’s move pool has some unique stills however. Blazing Knuckle, Overlord’s Wrath, Meteor Impact (EX) and Overlord Dimension all are special and can only be learned by Laharl because of his title(s). Getting the main JRPG powers out of the way, Blazing Knuckles attacks enemies surrounding Laharl, heating up his fits while jumping into the air and pounding them into the ground afterward causing creatures around him to feel the burning impact. Overlord’s Wrath is an attack that consists of many large constructions of fire to circle around a group of enemies before impacting them into the blaze, causing an explosion. Meteor Impact is... well, a meteor impacting Laharl’s enemies, soaring down from space as Laharl controls it and blowing his attackers away. Finally, Overlord Dimension takes the opponent form their dimension into one made just to destroy them (yeah)—much like Meteor Impact this involves a meteor that Laharl punches into his stunned enemies.

Obviously, some of these attacks are enough to destroy planets so they’ll need to be tamed down—he’s been noted by characters within the series of having the power to blow up modern day earth. On his back are two little tattoos of wings, we’re unsure if these were to have been wings that his half human body didn’t spawn or not. Nonetheless, Laharl needs his scarf to fly. The red scarf he wears had many abilities (at least in the anime…) which center around shape shifting. Laharl also has demonic levels of pain tolerance, having quick healing helps as he’s flung across the screen and impacted by walls or bullets. His body matures and ages slower than that of a human, taking around one hundred years to equal that of a human’s one.

As for the other abilities, he can learn any other non character specific move in the game (if we’re talking DD2.) This all depends on the weapon they hold or have specialties in but with the apprentice system anything can be learned.

( demonic prince / Laharl's first title. )
( list of disgaea D2 classes and skills )
( laharl's special skill list (first minute / from dd2) )

What kind of involvement would you like your character to have in Save the Earth? Laharl can totally really get into the upcoming fights, the really adult mystery solving stuff not so much but he does have a rich father that might or might not live up to the name ‘Shadie.’ All comes with the trade and what you as mods are cool with.


- Third Person:

Previous Prince Laharl finds himself sitting in front of his video game system, playing ‘Sidewalk Puncher Hyper!’ and growing rather hungry. When the Overlord is hungry, people better jump to their feet! What’s the point of having vassals if none of them listen? He’s losing hope in these people… “I’M HUNGRY! Call the Prinnies…… ETNNNNA!” keeping his butt glued to his spot in front of the television. Why should he have to get up?

Growl echoing in his throat, Laharl flops to the ground looking around left to right, rather good at playing the lifeless corpse as his stomach growls. Etna should be here, she has nothing better to do except serve the king and his demands… She’s been his vassal for as long as Laharl could remember having one. The oldest standing member of his party and the one he trusted in taking his place if things went south. It was an odd relationship, she had betrayed him in the past for reasons against her will, been a terrible vassal that barley took direction, was awfully annoying and bossy, but yet… “Grrrah— What the Hell? What is that idiot even doing that’s more important then serving me?” Laharl was pouting as he picked himself off the ground. Might as well shift off and find her… no one was paying attention to him!

Stomping through the castle, scarf expressing his rage as it morphed, taking up much of the allowable space in the hallway as it could. “Etnnnna--!!” hands cupping his lips so his voice would echo even farther though the empty halls of his father’s once filled castle… Finally finding her in the throne room, sitting on his chair! “Get the Hell off of my throne and get to work!” He shouted, face red with anger and holding in the tantrum begging to be unleashed. That was his throne and his vassal and she better get her ass in gear and make him his dinner before he blows up this entire castle and then we’ll see who sits on who’s throne!!

“Okay, okay, jezz, prince…” watching her hop off and scream for her Prinnies, as they come marching in and are given the orders to cook, Laharl knows he’ll be fed soon… his temper simmers, sitting comfortably in his father’s once throne—now his.

Hump— assholes.

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